Resources and tools.

A set of references that help DSI open hardware projects grow healthy and strong.

In this section we reissue a set of up-to-date resources and tools that can help in starting a process of capacity building within DSI organizations or initiatives, focusing in particular on open hardware and design. All resources have been selected because they have been tested in programs and workshops organized within key DSI related initiatives. This curated selection offers an overview on key subjects and skills that can help DSI projects grow healthy and strong in the current ecosystem of innovation for social impact. The covered subjects span from social media mapping and the creation of business models that promote openness as a key advantage for scaling, to the use of collaborative approaches to facilitate the integration of diverse groups of people.

Some resources are issued from projects that propose the use of digital online tools, while others are taken from toolkits that help to scale as digital social innovators. With this collection you will be able to make your knowledge stronger and to deepen what you have learned in the DSI Scale section: you will learn how to “Map & Discover” more about the network in which you operate (scale indicator: Target and Stakeholder Mapping); how to “Define & Analyse” your project’s key elements (scale indicator: Background Knowledge); how to “Collaborate & Facilitate” inclusion with a horizontal approach (scale indicators: Community engagement, Quality of communication) and how to “Make your project open” by opening your assets, business and processes (scale indicator: Level of Openness, Quality of products).

This collection is only a first version. You can suggest more resources and tools by sending a feedback at or by adding your reference via the toolkit’s repository issues page (label Resources and tools).

Map the actors interacting in your networks. Download

Understand and design for the circularity. Download

Solve wide reaching problems applying innovation principles. Download

Implement a collaborative decision-making process. Download

Boost inclusion and integration. Download

Facilitate co-creation and collaboration with a maker approach. Download

Do business with open resources. Download

Discuss on how to open up your project. Download

Document and share your open hardware project. Download

Design and develop products for an open ecosystem. Download