Peer knowledge.

A collaborative space made by the experiences of the DSI innovators. The space provides problems solving tactics generated by the people who are making digital social innovation in Europe.

Selected snippets

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"“A clear mission and group cohesion help to avoid that a community based initiative becomes a pure service where the assessment logic can limit the freedom of expression of the kids learning tech.”"

Agnese Addone

CoderDojo Italy

"“Taking advantage of the interdisciplinarity of a team of people coming from different backgrounds: from engineers to bioscientists.”."

Anja Lazar


"“Collaborative explorations of alternative production practices require ongoing experimentation with formats, mutual learning but also a long-term commitment from the different parties involved”"

Anna Servalli

Malmö University DESIS Lab

"“Creating prototypes and concrete examples provides a safe and empowering environment that shows the positive outcome for change”"

Evi Swinnen